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Hey! I'm Awa. I’m an experienced full stack developer, freelancer, blogger and creator with strong leadership and relationship building skills.I was born and raised in Ngaoundal, Cameroon. Growing up, I have always wanted to own something important, to be someone important and to help people. At first my dream was to become a medical doctor, but this dream faded away as soon as I was introduced to computers and smart screens. It was Love at first sight. From that point, everything started changing. I became more interested in designing, creating, inspiring, and building softwareI didn't choose Software engineering because it was better than medicine, I preferred it because it seemed more fun and that it will be easier and cheaper to build a career in software engineering than medicine. It takes a long time of commitment to become a medical doctor, and that was a big issue for me. I guess I wasn't passionate enough to continue with it.Currently, I am a freelancer on Upwork where I help clients and companies realize their visions, and a Full-stack developer on Stoic Bible where I design and build new reading and writing experiences for users.I also have good experience converting mockups into pixel-perfect designs, creating beautiful animations and effects.Feel free to get in touch with me. I'm always open to discussing new projects, creative ideas, or opportunities to be part of a vision.


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