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Complete Google OAuth with Next.js, Node, Express and PostgresA complete guide on how to add google oauth to a Next.js, Nodejs, Express and Postgress application.
Responsive Hamburger menu React and styled-componentsIn this tutorial, we will be building a Responsive Hamburger Menu using React.js and styled-components from scratch with create-react-app
Create Sequelize Migrations & AssociationsA quick guide on how to create sequelize migrations and associations. We will be creating relationships between database tables using sequelize associations
How to handle authentication in React using JWT & Cookies | HooksIn this tutorial, I'm going to walk you through jwt authentication using js-cookie to store and retrieve from HTTP requests and responses
Sign up form validation using React Hooks, Context & axios | No ReduxIn this tutorial, I'm going to walk you through designing a sign up form with beautiful input validations and finally signing up a user using react hooks & context
How to create a modal in Reactjs/HooksA quick guide on how to create a modal in React.js functional component using useRef hook
Password Reset using SendGridIn this tutorial, I will walk you through password reset using sendGrid in our Node, Express application with Postgres database
How to setup Sequelize and PostgreSQLIn this video, we will be walking you through configuring sequelize with PostgreSQL database


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